Mount Hood

After hiking up and down Eagle Creek we drove West on I-5 to the Junction with HWY 35 and went to see Mount Hood.  We had clear weather so we had high hopes and we weren’t disappointed.  This is the first turnout for picture taking of Mt Hood on Hwy 35.

We came to two more turnouts and joined others who stopped to take pictures.

We finally made it to the parking lot of Timberline Lodge at the base of Mt. Hood.  Love the snow.

I took a short hike in the snow but I wasn’t really dressed for it.

Ed refused to join me.  This is as close to it as he got.

I asked another person what this mountain was in the distance and was told it was one of the Three Sisters?

Here is Timberline Lodge pictures.  We really liked all the carved newel posts.

Driving back to I-5.  Is that Mt. St. Helen’s blending into the clouds?

Mt. Hood from Panorama Point.

This would be the three sisters (I think).

The clouds blend in with the snow covered mountain.  I’m thinking it might be St. Helen’s

Ed and Mt. Hood from Panorama Point.

A beautiful Garden along the road to Panorama Point.

Looks like more rain.

One thought on “Mount Hood

  1. I absolutely love Oregon and Washington! The Columbia River gorge is amazing. The sheer volume of water that moves downriver is unbelievable. Nice photos. They bring back great memories of prior trips to the area.

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