Fort Cascade 10K Volksmarch

This was the last day of the Columbia River Gorge Biennial Classic.  We chose to do a flat walk on the Washington side of the river.

Directions said to proceed 3 miles from the end of the Bridge of the Gods west on SR14.  We were to look for a Brown Sign on the right side of the road that said Fort Cascade.  We never saw such a sign, so we turned around at Beacon Rock and retraced our route.  Back at Bridge of the Gods we turned around and tried it again.  We saw a sign (not brown and not 3 miles) that said Fort Cascade so we turned left and followed the road and sure enough saw a yellow sign for the walk.

We walked along the river to the Fort Cascade Kiosk.

Trail leaving the Kiosk headed off into the woods.

Leaving the woods we continued along the river eventually passing a water treatment plant.

Everything was fine until we came to the Stop sign.  The directions said to walk between the barrier and take path on the left onto Strawberry Island.  There were cars coming so we thought there is the barrier the trail is to the left and we turned walking along the river looking for an Island.

When I stopped to take this picture another walker passed us and continued along the river ahead of us.

We walked along the river for a very long time looking for the island.

Until we somehow ended up here which was way down on the directions.

I skipped to this point in the directions and it said turn around and retrace your steps.  Knowing that we had missed a lot of this event, we headed back toward our car.

We eventually saw some walkers high up on a hill to our left so we cut across and pickup up that path.  Here is Beacon Rock in the background.

Which brought us to the barrier we should have walked through but didn’t see because of the traffic and the preconceived idea that Strawberry Island was really an “Island”.

From there back to the finish we were on the official trail.

We passed a lot of these plants with huge leaves.

Remains of the Cascade Portage Railroad

Thomas McNatt (1828-1861)

Once again we had a great walk, just not the one that they had planned for us!



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