Mount Saint Helens

After doing the Princess Ilchee YRE in Vancouver we headed north toward Seattle on I-5.  We were headed up to view Mount Saint Helens.  It was a beautiful drive up.  We had light misting rain most of the drive.  Once we got off I-5 onto HWY 504 we saw the Visitor’s Center at Seaquest/Silver Lake and stopped, but there was an entry fee so I took a picture at the sign out front and we drove on.

Continuing on we came to the Forest Learning Center which was free.

The trees on the mountain behind are new growth planted after the eruption.

View from the Forest Learning Center balcony.

Next up the line is the Elk Rock Viewpoint at Castle Lake.  We looked by didn’t seen any Elk.

I’m guess from the name that this used to be a lake?

We finally arrived at Johnson Ridge observatory.  As you can see from the dirty snow behind Ed, it was cold up there and we weren’t prepared.  The misty rain clouds kept us from seeing Mount St Helens, but we paid our entry fee and went in and watched the movie of the eruption which was quite good.

I noticed this viewpoint on the way up to Mount St Helen’s so I had Ed stop on the way down so I could take a picture.  Yes, this bridge is new, having been rebuilt after the eruption.

It was after 2pm by the time we reached this little restaurant.  The restaurant claimed to have home made cobbler and great views of the North Fork Toutle River, so we stopped for lunch.

We had chicken and dumplings which were really excellent.  However, it left no room to try the cobbler.

View from the patio where we ate lunch.

There were hummingbird feeders hanging on the patio and I caught these two birds.  Different type tails, so I’m assuming different species?

We were also privileged to view a bald eagle circling the river valley.  We pointed it out to our waiter and he told us that they put out food scraps for the eagles.

Carved bear in the restaurant parking lot.

View through the car windshield on the drive back to Vancouver on I-5.

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