Biennial Classic

As part of my volksmarching adventures I have visited different states to do a 10K event.  Yes, I’m counting States as well as Counties of Texas.  I have created a map of the USA with the states walked colored in.  I still have 6 states to go.  The one you can’t really see is Rhode Island on the east coast.

Walking the States

As you can see I still need the states in the Northwest and the upcoming Biennial Classic would be the perfect way to get Oregon.  I can find some Washington YRE nearby and get it also on this trip.

I have been looking over the list of 13 volksmarches they will have available at this event and since I’m not familiar with the area I am having trouble deciding which would be the best.  Anyone who would like to leave a comment on which I should do, I’d love to hear from you.

To see what walks they have planned go to

2 thoughts on “Biennial Classic

  1. I’ll admit that Multnomah Falls is wonderful! The hike there was decent and the views spectacular. As for the others, they sound terrific. If you want to enjoy a bit of history along the way, it looks like the Moiser Tunnel and Fort Cascade could fill that need.
    Good luck on narrowing down your choices!

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